Tjorando "Rand" Grizavulpo

A ginger with eyes of gold


Tjorando is a sturdy young man, but still retains a lot of the lankiness of youth. He is of average height, long limbed and rather athletic looking for a tailor. Like his mother, he has unruly auburn hair and fair freckled skin. Rand’s eyes set him apart a bit from the rest of his family, the bright golden color matches neither his mother’s warm brown nor his father’s greyish hazel.

Try as he might, his hair refuses to lie flat and smooth. For a time, he wore his hair closely cropped, but ultimately decided his head looks weird and sticking-up hair is OK. Rand is trying a “rugged unshaven-stubble” look, which is proving popular with some local girls. He’s not vain, per-se, just aware of himself and his looks. He is known for his crooked, charming smile.


Rand’s parents own and operate a highly-regarded clothing and textiles shop in the middle-city market district. Juvela comes from a family of jewelers with what some may call “dubious” ties with the lower caste mining expeditionary force. Luko inherited the textile business from his parents. After they married, Juvela did most of the selling and embellishing while Luko and the other employees did the actual sewing.

Juvela and Luko have 2 children (3 originally). Oldest to youngest, they are: Freja, (Andiro), and Tjorando.
-Freja (19) and Andiro are twins. Andiro died of The Wasting when he was 8. Freja latched onto Tjorando after her twin died, and the two grew up practically inseparable from that point. Freja is a talented embroiderer, but often gets caught up in daydreams and her own imaginings.
-Tjorando (17) is a social lad and has become the ‘face’ of the shop of late. He always has a joke or amusing quip at the ready. He does some actual work to the tune of hauling deliveries of cloth, moving boxes and supplies, and some tailoring.

Tjorando Grizavulpo is a talker. Fancies himself a shrewd diplomat, a witty conversationalist, and an irresistible gentleman with just the right amount of lovable scoundrel. In reality, of course, he is a 17 year old with endearing messy hair and a penchant for speaking his mind. He rarely considers the consequences of his talking; it just doesn’t occur to him. He acts as if everyone is a friend, or soon will be. This doesn’t mean he is naive or cowardly. He is not averse to getting physical if words are not doing the job. A side effect of his being talkative and social is that Rand is also a huge gossip. Like, he is the go-to among all the ladies in the market district for the latest “he said, she said”. He does not do this maliciously, he just can’t help himself.

Rand holds an extra soft spot in his big ol’ bleeding heart for the weak, the helpless, the downtrodden, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, and so on. You know the type. Got a bit of a “rob from the rich and give to the poor” streak of late, too. Rand operates under the assumption that he will always be able to talk and charm his way out of any trouble that he may stir up, since he has always been able to so far.

Tjorando "Rand" Grizavulpo

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