The City of Kvarok


The city of Kvarok is a sprawling and ancient arcology, one of the numerous civilized colonies that lay within the ever-shifting Termarego, and the current home of our adventurers. Kvarok is traditionally known among the Urbaro as the largest and most economically and politically stable states due to its entire population adhering to a strict social caste system.


Kvarok is a massive walled city with a 36-kilometer-wide footprint. It shares a common basic layout with arcologies: a hexagonal superstructure, a mostly flat habitable layer, and an endlessly complex substructure that supports the habitable zone. Though the original surface structure is not entirely known or documented, the interior surface is currently divided into three concentric, mostly hexagonal “rings”, themselves further divided into different districts.

Areas within Kvarok

Government and Politics



See: History of Kvarok



The City of Kvarok

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